Senior Connection COVID-19 Guidelines

As the county opens further and more options become available, Senior Connection cautiously adjusts and reviews our COVID guidelines as well.  Our COVID guidelines as of 6/1/21, are as follows: 

  • Face coverings:  recommended for both volunteer and client while in the car.  
  • Social distancing:  recommended, but in some cases needs override that option.  We will endeavor to note on requests in RideScheduler if physical assistance (such as, a helping hand out of the car) or an escort into an appointment is necessary.
  • Seating in car:  recommended that riders sit in the rear, passenger seat of the car.  
  • Access:  recommended that drivers should not enter client homes.
  • Cases of illness:  if either driver or client is not feeling well the day of the ride, please call the office as soon as possible.
  • Grocery Shopping:  drivers can now transport clients to the grocery store.  If you prefer a volunteer to shop for you, we still offer that service and all other services that enhance food security.  

~Please call the office with your ride requests~