Senior Rides

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Senior Rides is a free, escorted transportation service to medical appointments, social engagements, and other activities.

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2020 CLIENT ELIGIBILITY: Montgomery County residents aged 60 or older.

What We Provide:

Up to FOUR (4) escorted round trips per month, per client to a pre-scheduled appointment.  Acceptable appointments include:

  • Medical appointment or follow up visits
  • Pharmacy for medication
  • Senior activities and social events
  • Religious observations
  • Trips to the bank or post office
  • Stores for grocery or other shopping
  • Other appointments


What We Cannot Provide:

  • Trips outside of Montgomery County unless pre-approved by the Senior Connection.
  • Transportation to anyone who does not meet the program eligibility requirements.
  • Assistance with meals or meal preparation, eating, administering medications, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, laundry, cleaning or other services which do not fall within the program guidelines.
  • Emergency transportation.
  • Payment for anything purchased (groceries, prescriptions, parking, tolls, etc.). These are the client’s responsibility.

How It Works:

The client will apply for services.  The Senior Connection staff will contact the client to verify information on the application and take details for a ride request.  The client’s request for transportation will be entered into a database with other requests for our volunteer drivers’ review.  When a volunteer accepts the client’s transportation request, the volunteer will contact the client at least three days in advance of the scheduled trip to confirm and verify the appointment details.  Volunteers will also offer reminder phone calls the day before and day of the client’s appointment.  The volunteer will escort the client from their residence to the appointment, and, if needed, escort the client into the appointment.  If a round trip is scheduled, the volunteer will wait with the client as needed and return him/her to their residence.  If possible the volunteer will assist the client in transferring any purchased or other materials to the residence and assist in putting away items such as groceries. Note that all grocery shopping appointments are currently scheduled on Saturdays through this program.

Client Responsibilities

We ask that all clients abide by the following set of responsibilities.

  • Call the office to schedule your trip requests in advance. We are currently booked 2-3 weeks in advance, so plan your trips accordingly.  We accept requests up to TWO (2) MONTHS in advance.
  • When making a trip request, be prepared with all of the information you need to relay to the coordinator, including the full address, date and time of the appointment and doctor’s name and phone number (if applicable.)
  • When making a trip request, you MUST notify the office of any additional stops you need to make (pharmacy, bank, etc.) at the time of booking. Any additional stops NOT pre-booked may not be honored by the volunteer.
  • If you need to cancel a trip, please contact the office immediately. Excessive cancellations may result in dismissal from the program.
  • We recommend that you use our service for transportation close to your home whenever possible. Volunteers are more willing to do short trips rather than travel across the county.
  • Schedule your appointment between 10:00am-3:00pm to offer the best opportunity for finding a volunteer.
  • Trip requests are for travel within Montgomery County.
  • Be prepared to depart at the requested pick up time or meeting time.
  • Parking fees, tolls, and any purchases are your responsibility.
  • If you have a portable MVA issued handicapped/disabled placard, please bring it with you on your appointment date so the driver may park in handicap spaces. If you do not have a placard, the Senior Connection can provide you with the necessary paperwork.  You will need your doctor to authorize the request and fax the form to the MVA.