Elder Abuse Awareness

Elder abuse generally is the result of ageism and inequality in societies and cultures around the world.  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day takes place every year on June 15, and serves to highlight this important issue.  However, we must be aware of elder abuse every day.  It is our job to REPORT suspected abuse.  Once reported, DETERMINING abuse is the job of a social worker, officer, or doctor. 

Elder abuse takes many forms: financial, emotional, physical, sexual, neglect, and those who neglect themselves (self-neglect).   Social isolation, financial or emotional stress, and dementia make a senior vulnerable to abuse.   Elder abuse happens in any setting–home, senior center, senior living facility.  To learn more about identifying suspected abuse, please take the informational quiz listed under Additional Resources (below).

To report suspected abuse, please call:

911 — in Emergency Cases
240-777-4000 — Crisis Center
240-777-3000 — Adult Protective Services (24-hour reporting line) or MD Relay 711
240-773-5050 — Elder/Vulnerable Adult Abuse Section MoCo Dept. of Police
301-816-5099 — ElderSAFE Center at Charles E Smith Life Communities


⛔How to Avoid PHONE scams and fraud (at any age)

Quiz on Elder Abuse with logos


REPORTING suspected abuse is our job.  DETERMINING abuse is not our job.
♥TOGETHER, we can end elder abuse.♥