Introducing: HIP — Montgomery County’s Home Sharing Program

Housing Initiative Partnership (HIP), a nonprofit housing developer and counseling agency, is launching a Home Sharing Program in Montgomery County, beginning  December 1, 2020. The goal is to successfully identify and match renters who are seeking affordable housing options with homeowners who have attractive and safe spare bedrooms in their homes, or Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on their property, to rent long-term. The homeowners must live in the home full time to participate.

HIP’s Montgomery County Home Sharing Program is supported by Montgomery County’s Department of Health & Human Services and uses to match Homeowners (HO) with compatible Home Seekers (HS). No housing subsidies are available.

Below you will find the links to a survey for Homeowners and a separate survey for Home Seekers. We would love to get your input on whether a Home Sharing arrangement is something you would consider. Feel free to also forward the survey links to friends and family members who might also have an interest in learning more about this new initiative.

For more information, please call HIP: 301-85-SHARE (301-857-4273)


For homeowners:

For home seekers:

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